chuckbuck5 42/F
It's all about me LOL ok- and you too stud.....!
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Sexual Preferences

Sex toys -- alone or with a partner:
Not that important to me
Curious about it
Sex on camera:
Want it
Sex in public places:
Not that important to me
Never gonna happen
Group sex (4 or more):
Curious about it
Not that important to me
Not that important to me
Not that important to me
Same-sex experiences:
Not that important to me
How willing are you to try sexual practices outside your comfort zone?:
Not that important to me
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PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME OR ANY OTHER WOMAN WITHOUT A PIC! AND PLS ALL DICK PICS DON'T GET U PUSSY! LOL Hello World! Looking to have some fun. I am a busy beautiful petite professional Wasington DC attorney but when I let out world and all of MAN kind! Wanta get your face and dick all wet? See me..... I am young, blonde, busty, tight, and perpetually horny. Love a rock hard cock probing my inner reaches. Cannot walk down the street without cat calls and men following me around the block asking for a crack at it. Beautiful tight pink wet and unmanageable sweet tasting pussy to rub up against you and massage your rock hard cock for an ultimate all nighter! Maybe more if you know how to use it well and don't complain about having to fuck me numerous times in one evening! Can you eat my pussy? Wash it three times a day if it needs it or not, only the best soaps, scents,and oil goes on and next to this skin-check it out at close range.... nicely trimmed and thick blondish red STEAMING bush. Hot squirting action when you hit all the right places and will keep you coming back for more and loving it all....Contact me with EXPLICIT pic and I will respond in kind. You will not be a bit sorry you did.....promise...promise...promise. I also love to suck and tongue a man's cock, balls, azz, and nipples.... And pls! Don't contact me without a face pic....I'm a woman for gods sake who likes to see a man's eyes...don't ask me of those feminine prerequisites I suppose...!!!! send me one full nude pic of you and I will respond in kind....then I will maybe talk to you about meeting....want to see if you have a risque side to you (tells me how you maneuver in bed too).... > >Hoping to see you deep inside me, moving back and forth with long strong strokes, pushing my tightness to a new limit, stretching me from inside, you making my pussy hotter, wetter, creamier with every thrust, and perhaps with you I can get that soggy burn that I can sometimes get that tells me that I am building up to an explosive O > > Then I'm in love again....

Geographical Location

Living in:
Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Travel Location:
Prefer not to say
Prefer not to say

Personal Information

I am a Woman interested in Men
Hot hung hairy OK (like young or old but must be in shape and know how to handle a responsive female in need of a man)and must be real hungry for my warm quivering pink squirting man devouring pussy....last man I was really into and gave my all couldn't get enough of me.....could barely come up for air - kept his face and nose all the way up in my snatch like he wasn't ever going to eat dinner again and wanted my tight hole 24/7- kept making excuses why he couldn't leave and go back to work or home! Uh oh, is that his wife trailing me now?

Always wanted to teach a younger man the ropes, older men know what to do with me and love it (so do . Open and receptive to all with strong arms/tongue and rock hard cock and desire to please this tasty little treat I keep between my legs...

Love man cream in me, dripping out of me, in my mouth-want to smell and taste you on me for days.....

How about a massage? Turned on by big gorgeous bodies and well kept muscles all over....spread me wide and wash me with your hot tongue-fuck my even tighter ass hole ..... hold me down and wad it up into me and my pussy and very often boys....again-only respond to men with creative minds so send me a good pic and tell me what you can do and what you like....available most weekends....can meet anywhere in No. Virginia and DC......back roads, in a dark alley, a quiet river bank or landing, your place,....neighborhood bar....

If you're that good then I'll keep coming back-might ask you to marry me if you PROMISE to say no.....

See you soon.....


Physical Information

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Lifestyle Information

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Marital Status:
DC Corporate Lawyer
I'm a non-smoker
Light/social drinker
Uses drugs occasionally
English, Italian, Spanish

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Age Between:
Maximum Distance:
50 km